Careers: This is YOUR Future!!!

This unit should help you learn information about possible careers that you are interested in. This is an important step into learning about yourself and your future!!!

Learning goal: To find information about 5 careers that you are interested in and possibly making a decision on what direction you will take after high school.


Use the career checkoff list for the assignments and grades of those assignments.

    1. Watch the video called "Did You Know?"
      • Put your thoughts in the Discussion tab/ What does this mean to you?
      • Add your name and period

    2. The Holland model will show you 6 career areas. Load the Holland website and take the Quiz to see which area you are strong in.
      • Write on a yellow card what "work personality you are with a description about it.
      • Click on that work personality and write down at least 2 careers that might interest you on the yellow card.
      • Open up the Holland Personality Traits document.
      • Use your highlighter in Microsoft Word and highlight the Best trait that describes you from the quiz that you just took. Type your name on the chart.
      • You may save it to your flashdrive as Holland traits
      • Print out the chart.
      • Hand in both the yellow notecard and highlighted document with your name on both.

    3. Take the ONET Career Interest Inventory This is the same career clustering that the Holland model uses.
      • Take the career interest inventory .
      • Using yellow cards, write down the career cluster.
      • Click on the career cluster and write down at least 2 careers that you might be interested in.
      • Take notes about the career cluster that exemplifies you.
      • Hand in the yellow notecard with your name on it.
You have now taken two inventory tests to see what careers would best suit your personality. The following sites listed below are great for career exploration and keeping a portfolio for you to use. Look up 5 careers__ using the following sites and fill out the Job Worksheets. Research 5 careers. Fill out 5 job information worksheets
Hand in your worksheets for credit.

  • Career site:Career Cruising: Here is a great website about researching careers and keeping a portfolio on yourself.

  • Career site:Get into the Education Planner site.
    • Under Students, click on Career Planning/
      • You may Read the Career Planning Checklist
    • Click on Find Careers
      • Take Career Clusters Activity test/ write down your career clusters
      • Take the Which Careers match your skills test/ write down your answers
      • Look up Careers that interest you.

  • Look at videos from your career at Career videos

  • Career site: Labor Bureur of Statisticswebsite
    • Click on the A-Z index to search for your career

  • Take career assessment test in the NYCAREER Zone site. This should help you decide which careers to research.

Extra Information about careers

Final Assessment:

Write an Essay on the top 5 careers that interest you.

Introductory paragraph should include these ideas:

* You are writing about a career unit
* You took an assessment test on the computer
* Researched 5 careers* What did you get out of taking this test?* What did you get out of researching these careers?* Did you find out any surprising information?* Were you informed about a career that really has inspired you?
Essay includes:
  • Introductory paragraph
  • 5 about each career
  • Summary
Hand in your 5 job infromation worksheets