Students are expected to be on time to class.A student is considered tardy to class if he/she is not in the room seated before the bell rings. If you come into class late, sign in: your name, time and reason why you were late and place your late pass on the clipboard. Sit down quietly and ask your partner to assist you with class directions.
Students are expected to wait until the teacher dismisses them from class.The bell is for the teacher and not for the student. No one is to leave until the teacher dismisses them.
Students are expected to have their folders and flashdrives at their computer labs.Folders must be picked up when you enter class and take it to your seat. If you take your folder home, it is your responsibility to have it in class the next day. It is extremely important that you purchase a flashdrive for this class. You will use this as your means to save all your projects and work!!!
Students are expected not to bring food, drink, or gum to class. Students will be asked to throw food, drinks, or gum away if they are brought to the classroom.

Students are expected not to write on anything or damage anything at their computer station.
Writing on anything, or damaging anything, whether it is a computer, desk, folder, or furniture, is considered vandalism. Students will be asked to come in and clean the computer stations for their first offense. Other consequences may follow depending on the vandalism.
Students are expected to use the lavatory before class.
You will only be allowed to go to the lav if you have your ID and your lav passes. You will get 4 passes a marking period. These passes will be a different color for each marking period.
Students are to treat any guest in the same manner as they would the teacher.
Any problems arising when I am not here will have consequences.
Music Policy. You may not play music in class. It is the school rule that you may not bring in any device to class that plays music. That means that you can not use an ipod, or any other device that plays music as a storage for your class files. Only a flashdrive will be allowed.
Students are expected to use language appropriate to the classroom.Foul language directed at another student or a teacher will result in an immediate referral. Use of foul language in everyday speech will result in after school cleanup.

Students are expected to keep a log of your daily classroom work.
You will have a log sheet that you will keep your daily work on. That daily log should include page numbers where you left off. You will get points toward your grade for this log sheet.
Students are expected to use the internet for class work only.If you are caught on a sight that is not for class work, you will be off the computer for the rest of that period and will be responsible for making up the missed work.
Students are expected to follow the MIT Acceptable Use Policy and the school district policies..