Creating a Barcode
1. File, New, width = 1 inch, length = 2 inches, 300 resolution, RGB, White background

2. Use the pencil or line tool to create lines of varying widths next to each other.
a. Use the Shift key when drawing the lines to keep them straight
b. Don’t worry about the top or bottom of the lines being straight because you will use a tool to create a
straight edge

3. Select rectangle tool, color is white and create a small box in the middle of the lines at the bottom.

4. Select text tool, small size font, black, and type numbers inside the white box.

5. Select the marquee tool and use it to select a box around the whole barcode, making sure you
are inside of the uneven lines.

6. Select Image and crop …now you have a perfect barcode.

7. You must merge all layers together so you can copy it onto your magazine so go to your Layers panel.
Click on the More arrow at the top right and select Flatten image.

8. Copy your barcode to your magazine