Dreamweaver is a web authoring software that allows you to create websites. You will be using this Adobe software to create the rest of your websites.

Learning goal: Students will use Dreamweaver to create a website, manage that site using their root folder, use links and graphics with alt tags, and use the learned design features to create a well designed site.

1. The first assignment is on the basics of Dreamweaver. You need to understand the meaning of terms so answer the following questionaire:

2. The second assignment is to understa​nd how to Manage your Site. Follow the directions to set up your site.

3. Now we will begin to create websites. Use my assignment listfor detailed information on the websites below.

Website 1: Hardware
  • Create a website about hardware and storage devices.
  • Rootfolder is hardware / 2 folders inside rootfolder... graphics / pages
  • 2 page websiteHardware / Storage Devices
  • Title on each page
  • Use the book on pgs 49-56 for information to setup the index page on hardware devices
  • Use the book on pgs.38 for the information that will be typed on the hardware page.
  • Use the book on pgs.39 for the information that will be typed on the storage page
  • Graphics need to be left-aligned, horizontal spacing of 20 and includes an alt tag
  • Use the book on pgs. 81-82 for creating external links
  • Copyright pgs. 86-88


Website 2: John Piersol McCaskey
  • Create a website about John piersol McCaskey
  • Rootfolder is mccaskey / 2 folders inside rootfolder.....graphics / pages
  • Use a template for the website
  • 3 page website Home / Biography / School
  • Title each page
  • Create Navigation links on every page (buttons in Photoshop are an option)
  • Home page: intro about our school being named after this man
      • Include photo of our school
      • Purpose of the site
      • Explain where Lancaster, PA is....maybe a map?
  • Biography: page about John Piersol McCaskey
      • Facts about his life
      • Why was he famous?
      • Birth, family, death
      • Career ......separated by Education / Politics / Author(songs and books)
      • Photos of his life
  • School: Information about our school
      • When it was built
      • Facts about school
      • Why was it named after him
      • Photos of building in the early years
  • Add a copyright with your name to the Index page
  • At least 3 links
  • Graphics must be aligned properly, horizontal spacing so text is not bumping it and alt tags


Website 3: Creating Templates
  • Create a website creating a template and text and table properties
  • Rootfolder is tables/ 2 folders inside rootfolder....graphics / pages
  • Create a template and 3 pages from that template
    • Home / Text properties / Table properties
  • Title each page
  • Creating your template:
    • You create a standard page and use if for the rest of your web pages.
    • You create a section called editable section that can be changed on any web page.
    • Use my Dreamweaver folder and begin on pg. 5-9.
  • Creating rollover buttons:
    • Navigation links can be buttons
    • Create the buttons in Photoshop.
    • Rollover buttons are buttons that change in appearance when you hover over them using your mouse.
    • Continue in the Dreamweaver folder from pg. 10-11 or load the directions for creating buttons below.
  • To complete your assignment, you will type directions for creating a template on your home page and text and table properties on the other 2 pages.
    • Continue in the Dreamweaver folder on pg.12 for the assignment or load the assignment below.


What is a Storyboard and what are the 3 Types of Navigation Schemes?
Use Introduction to Web Design book: Read pgs. 140-151. Type both the questions and answers to
  • Section 5.2 assessment on pg. 145 Question 1Define only:
    • navigation scheme,
    • hierarchical navigation scheme,
    • top-level page,
    • linear navigation scheme,
    • random-access navigation scheme
  • Section 5.3 assessment on pg. 151 Questions 1-4.
  • Include your header and footer and print it out.

Website 4: Careers
  • Create a storyboard on a career of your choice

  • Create a website about the career you are interested in

  • Root folder is called careers

  • Create graphics and pages folders inside your root folder

  • Create 5 pages ------(Home/4 other pages)

  • Your first page (index.html) could be a UNIQUE!

  • Use a template that you use for at least 3 pages

  • You may use a table format, but not mandatory

  • Navigation links must be rollover buttons…something MUST change…could be an added graphic, color change, size

  • Alt tags for graphics

  • Spell check web site(must spell check each web page)