Class tutorial
We are learning how to type HTML coding.

  1. Load up Notepad (Go to Start/ Accessories/ Notepad)
  2. Save it as tutorial.html in your HTML folder under another folder called tutorial
  3. You will find your own clipart at a free clipart site and save it in the same folder where you saved your tutorial
  4. Find your own link instead of using my link.
  5. Create your 2 buttons in them in your tutorial folder
  6. Use the code below. Here is a preview of what your page should look like.

<title>Learning to Build HTML coding
<body bgcolor="ffCC99">
<A name="top"></a>
<center><h1><font color="blue">My First HTML Web Page</font color></h1></center>
<center><h3>By Mrs. Gallagher-Edlund</h3></center>
<a href="techno1.html"><img src="homebutton.gif"></a>
<a href="page2.html"><img src="page2button.gif"></a>
<hr size="10" color="6699CC">
<b>Welcome to my simple webpage.</b>

This was created by typing HTML code in Notepad.
Now we are going to put in some links.

Click on <a href=""> Steelers </a>
Now we are going to insert a graphic into our website. <br>
Make sure you save both graphics and backgrounds in the
same folder as your html website.<br>
You can only save jpg, gif, png or tif files. You may not save bmp.
<center><img src="birdgardening.jpg" width="200" height="200"></center>
<!--This is the code for typing in notes that will
not be seen on our web page-->
<p>Now we are going to type with different size font <br>
and different color font.</p>
<font size="3"><font color="red">
This is typed with a font size tag of 3.<br>
It should be the typical 10-12 size <br>
font used in a document.<br>
It also is colored red.
<font size="5"><font color="purple">
This is typed with a font size tag of 5.<br>
It is larger and colored purple.
<p>We are now typing an unordered list that uses
My favorite classes:
<li>Computer apps
<p>We are now typing an ordered list that uses
Students in my class:
<center><b><a href="">
Contact me</a></b></center>
<div style="margin:50px">This paragraph is typed
with a margin of 50 pixels. This will put a margin
all around these words.</div><br><br>
This is one way of putting music into your website.<br>
<embed src="Riverdance.mp3" Autostart="false" Loop="true">
Your music file <b>MUST</b> be in your HTML folder.<br>
Autostart function allows your music to start right away
if true, and must be clicked if false.<br>
Loop function allows your music to continuously
play if true.

Here is another way to put music into your web.
<a href="riverdance.mp3">Riverdance music</a>
Here are the codes for a playlist. This allows you to embed
a list of songs in your website. You must save this list
in your Windows Media Player.

<embed name="Playlist1.m3u"
<center><a href="#top"><img src="buttontopofpage.gif"></a></center>