HTML is a code to create web pages. In the following lessons, you will learn how to write this code.

Learning goal: To learn how to create a website using HTML code and include correctly formatted font, links, graphics, tables, and anchors.


1. In your Intro. Web Design book, read pgs. 96 -101 and answer the the questions under What Did You Learn? and Critical thinking on page 101. Answer all 5 questions in Word, including questions and answers. Include a header, footer, and title called Learning HTML. Use a table to answer question 2.

2. Watch the Video on "Basic HTML and CSS" and fill out the worksheet.


After watching this video, we will create a simple website in Notepad using HTML code.

Class Tutorial
3. As a class, we will create a webpage using HTML code. This will be a tutorial and later you will create your own webpage. Click on the link to take you to my HTML tutorial.

Please show me your website that you created in class, both the source code and the website on the Internet.

Links to HTML Codes
Here is a link with tutorials about HTML coding. HTML Coding
Another great link with codes More HTML Codes

4. HTML Assignment: Create your own website using HTML code and use the following requirements:(this can be used for your computer fair project as a website category. Each of you must create a website, but you
  • Create a website about something
  • Have a beginning HTML and ending HTML code
  • Title in head of website
  • Create a Body background using color (hexadecimal code)
  • Title of website using Header 1
  • Your name using Header 3
  • Create 2 buttons in Photoshop....Home/Page2
  • Buttons both are linked to perspective pages
  • Horizontal rule with color
  • Use of breaks
  • Use of notes in webpage coding<!-- notes -->
  • Add at least 1 graphic
  • Use paragraph code
  • Use either unordered(bullets) or ordered list(numbers)
  • Button at bottom of page for Return to top of page
  • Music in a link is optional