Photoshop Elements

Learning goal: To learn how to use Photoshop elements, all of its tools in the toolsbox, effects, filters, and the layers to correct photos or to create projects.

Vectors vs. Rasters

1. Introduction to Photoshop: Taking notes about the menus and the startup screens. Here are the notes from the class.

Assignment on creating a Happy Face

2. Lessons from Learn Photoshop Elements in a Day
  • Second photo pgs. 6-7
  • Nasty Scratch pgs. 12-13
  • Portrait pgs. 13-14
  • Color sky pgs. 14
  • Vignette pg. 15
  • Flowers pg. 15-16
  • Before/After apple pgs. 18-19
  • Big City pgs. 19-20
  • Old Time pg. 23
  • Background moon pg. 24
  • Fruit/Dog working with layers pgs. 25-27
  • Creating photo collage pgs.27-28

Assignment on creating Mr. Potato Head using the Selection tools

Assignment on creating a your Looney tunes logo

3. Assignment on patterns and using tools:
Assignment on layers: Load my file and answer the questionaire on layers. You will find the answers on my portapotal.

4. Assignment on Filters
5. Assignment on Books

6. Assignment on Filters

7. Assignment on Magazine Cover
Rubric for Magazine Cover