Microsoft Publisher is not only a desktop publishing program, but it can also be used for creating websites

Learning goal: To learn how to create a website in Publisher.

Learning Publisher /Tutorial

We are going to use Publisher to create a website. I will use my book Web sites/Publisher to teach you how to create a website. This website will be a tutorial and will be graded. The tutorial will just be a learning website so you will use the template and graphics that I chose.
The book is online for you to use outside of class, but you must have Microsoft Publisher.

Using Publisher to create another website/MIT website

Planning your site

Leaning goal: To learn how to sketch a website for preplanning it.
  • Load Inspiration or Webspiration. (If you use Webspiration, you must export it to Inspiration to transfer it to Word or just print it. This is a Web 2.0 program that is very similar to Inspiration
  • If you do not have these programs, use Word to diagram your website. You may use paper to make a sketch first if you need to.
  • Create a diagram of a website for school. The requirements are that you have 7 web pages to this site. Your first page is your home page and includes a picture of yourself. Other pages include: your schedule in MIT, Oct. calendar, Nov. calendar, Hobbies page, Favorites page, and Spirt week. Copy this to Word, title it and put a header and footer. Print this diagram.

Assignment:Learning goal: To independently create a website about yourself as a student at McCaskey East with hyperlinks to each page, hyperlinks to external sites, a navigation bar that is easy to use and efficient, with an imported Word document and graphics and text placed with the good web design qualities.Scale:Rubric:

You are creating a web site as a student in MIT at McCaskey East High School.
You should have 7 pages when you are finished.
  • Home
    • Should include a quote that reflects something about you
    • An introduction about yourself ….several paragraphs
    • A photo (if you choose)
    • Graphics
    • Your email address that is linked properly
  • Oct. Calendar and a Nov. Calendar (2 different pages)
    • Current calendars for both Oct. and Nov.
    • 5 text in each calendar
    • 3 clipart in each calendar
    • 3 links from each calendar
    • Schedule of Events filled with descriptions of the 5 text in your calendar
    • Graphics
    • Link Spirit week page from your October calendar
    • Extra credit: link other graphics or text to other sites
  • Schedule
    • Class schedule for both regular and early dismissal days imported from Microsoft Word
    • Any information concerning schedules at McCaskey East
  • Hobbies
    • Information and graphics about your hobbies
    • Can include photos
    • Remember to make it readable and visually appealing
    • Include hyperlinks to the Internet (min. of 3)
  • Favorites
    • Table or paragraphs describing your favorites: movies, songs, music groups, sports teams, etc.
    • Can include photos and/or links
  • Spirit Week (linked off of the Calendar page)
    • No link in Navigation bar
    • Remember to make it readable and visually appealing
    • Include hyperlinks to the Internet (min. of 3)

Finishing your Assignment/Website

  • When you are finished with your website, go to Tools / Design checker. This is a built-in checker to correct problems with the design of your website.

  • Make sure you spell check each web page.
  • Print each web page.

Saving as a Published Website

  • Publish to the Web
  • Click OK at the next pop up box
  • Save it as an index file in your MIT not change that filename
  • Now you can click on the index file and your website will run as if it is on the web.
  • If you want to upload it to the web, you must have server to place it on and most times, that cost money.

Rubric and Evaluation of your Website

Evaluating other websites

  • Evaluate 4 student websitescreated in Publisher using this form.
  • This will be the same rubric that I will use to grade your website.